UDisc has interactive maps for over 70% of the world's courses. Shown when viewing a scorecard, these maps help you navigate by displaying your location, the distance to the basket, and the path to the next tee. You can drop custom markers to assist with strategic decisions such as calculating the distance over a body of water. This is useful when deciding whether to "go for it" or lay up, and may well save you a disc or two.

The distance to the pin in each UDisc map is calculated as the crow flies, factoring in any doglegs in the layout. This makes UDisc a very reliable way to check your distance to the basket, since the distance on tee signs is often estimated or measured with a roller, which generally leads to an inflated number.

314 ft. from teepad to basket, and you can see the teepad for hole 2 is just past the basket along the water

Viewing Maps

Maps are displayed inside the scorecard while you keep score. You can also view maps on any course's page when you select a specific layout.

If you do not see a map while keeping score, tap the map icon in the upper right to show it. If you instead see a Create Map indicator, a map needs to be created for this layout. Keep reading for more details on this process.

If the map is not displayed, tap the map icon to show it.

Dropping Pins

While scoring a round, you can tap and hold your finger anywhere on the map to drop a marker. The marker will show you the distance from the teepad to the marker, the marker to the basket, and your location to the marker.

From the comfort of my home, the nearly 2 million ft. distance to this marker might be a bit out of reach. However, if I were actually playing a round, I might decide that 207 ft. from the tee to the marker is a very reachable layup, leaving me an easy 121 ft. upshot to the basket.

Creating Maps

Creating a map in UDisc is easy to do, even while playing a round. Check out our dedicated article on the topic here.