We released the UDisc Android Wear OS smartwatch companion app on August 7th, 2018. We plan to explore Tizen watches in the near future.

UDisc is a 2 person team - as such, Josh and I have to balance our time carefully. Each additional smartwatch app will take a significant amount of effort to build. Presently we've chosen to support Apple Watch and Android Wear OS. We'll explore Tizen watches (Samsung), Garmin, and Fitbit in the future.

But I have an Android phone and a Samsung watch - why can't I use the UDisc Wear OS app?

Samsung watches DO NOT run Android. Unfortunately, Samsung decided to build a custom operating system called "Tizen OS" which is what runs on the "Gear" watches. The downside to this is that developers (Josh and I) have to use totally different programming languages and tools to build apps for Tizen OS watches. Since UDisc is a 2 person team, building separate apps for all the gadgets and gizmos simultaneously is not possible. We will explore Tizen OS watches more in the future, but for now if you want to score on a smartwatch you'll have to use a Wear OS watch, or an Apple Watch.