UDisc Classic (formerly known as UDisc+) is a retired version of the app. If you are still using it, it's time to switch to the new, free UDisc app.

Transferring your data is easy - in UDisc Classic, open the Profile tab and use the button on top to make a free UDisc Account. Once you've created your account, it will sync all of your scorecards, throws, discs, etc. to your account.

Then, download the free UDisc app and log in to your UDisc Account. Give it a few minutes to sync and all of your data will download.

Simplifying UDisc to a single app makes it faster for Matt and Josh to release more updates, and will allow them to focus their efforts on a single app! Look for some huge updates over the next year!

If your data isn't transferring, it may be that you've reached the end of the UDisc Pro trial in the new UDisc app. The Pro subscription is what enabled cloud sync.

If this is the case, don't worry. You can use a special promo code to extend your Pro account in order to allow the transfer of data from UDisc Classic to UDisc. Just open the More tab in UDisc, select Apply Promo Code and enter code FREEPRO.