UDisc includes a number of statistics for tracking your game. The stats can be helpful for identifying your strengths and weakness. Stats for courses showcase easy and difficult holes, OB probabilities, and much more. You can view your own stats with various time filters to see short term and long term improvement.

Scorecard Symbols

The symbols on your scorecard represent the different zones and give you a quick visual view of how you played on each hole.


On the Fairway  

Off the Fairway

Circle 2

Circle 1


OB / Penalty

Note: If you are inside 20m / 66ft and obstructed or in the trees you should still select either Circle 1 or Circle 2 and not Off the Fairway. Off the Fairway is only appropriate if you are more than 20m from the basket.

Putting Statistics

A Putt is defined as any throw within 20m/66ft of the basket. The putting area includes Circle 1 and Circle 2.

Circle 1 Putting: Percentage of putts made from inside the traditional 10m/33ft circle.

Circle 1x Putting: Circle 1 putts eXcluding Tap Ins. This includes all putts from 3.3m-10m (11-33ft).

Circle 2 Putting: Percentage of putts made from between 10-20m/33-66ft

Driving Statistics

Driving Accuracy: Landing your drive on the fairway. This can be a bit subjective, so use your best judgement. On a par 3, if you have a drive in the middle of the fairway, you should mark it as a fairway hit. Shots in the rough or way off the intended fairway should be marked "off the fairway".

Always select the option that accurately describes where your disc is. If you are inside circle one but have to pitch out from a bush, you should still mark that as a Circle 1 shot. The same is true inside of circle 2.

On a Par 5, the first and second throws are each considered drives. You could have one hit and one miss. The total number of drives for the round is equal to the number of holes plus the number of Par 5s.

Circle in Regulation

"In Regulation" is always two less than the par of the hole. Reaching a circle in regulation means a player is in position for a birdie putt. These stats reveal if a your drive/upshot game is accurate.

Circle 2 in Regulation 

Reaching Circle 2 with two shots remaining for par (and a chance at birdie).

On a Par 3, your 1st throw has to land in Circle 2 (or closer) to get credit for hitting Circle 2 in Regulation.

On a Par 4, your 2nd throw has to land in Circle 2 (or closer) to get credit

On a par 5, your 3rd throw has to land in Circle 2 (or closer) to get credit

Circle 1 in Regulation 

Reaching Circle 1 (33ft/10m) with two shots remaining for par (and a chance at birdie). Also counts as hitting C2 in Regulation.


Landing with a tap in for birdie, within 11ft/3.3m of the basket. Also counts as hitting C1 & C2 in Regulation.

Note: An Eagle or Albatross also counts for all three stats (Parked, C1 in Regulation, C2 in Regulation). Par 2 holes are excluded from this stat.


The Scramble stat tracks your ability to recover from an off-target drive and avoid carding a bogey (Throwing OB or off the fairway, and still saving par or better). 

The percentage is calculated as the number of holes where you were off the fairway or OB at any time. 

OB Rate

The OB rate statistic can be an indicator of aggressive vs safe play. It is defined as the total number of OB strokes divided by the total number of holes tracked, similar to a batting average in baseball. If one has an OB Rate of 0.056, they threw OB on 5.6% of tracked holes.

Note: It's possible to have an OB rate higher than 1.0, but you would have to go OB more times than the number of holes played.

Throw In

The throw-in statistic is shown as a rate similar to OB. Unlike OB Rate, it is not possible to have a throw in rate above 1.0. A throw-in is any throw into the basket from outside Circle 2 (66ft / 20m). Throw-in rate is the number of throw-ins divided by the number of holes tracked.

Note: An Ace is considered a throw-in.

Birdie Rate

The number of holes with a birdie (or better) divided by the number of holes played.

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