Adding your discs to UDisc lets you to take full advantage of measuring your throws and tracking your bag. You can see a list of all the throws you have measured with any disc, which is a great way to track your progress over time.

Adding a disc

Entering a disc's details is simple. Just navigate to ...More > Discs, and touch to add a new one. You can add an image of the disc, select its color, add flight numbers, and add other details as well. You can even create notes about a disc, perhaps to remind yourself of your best (or worst) shots with it.

You can always update a disc's details later. Just navigate to the disc's page and touch Update Disc.

Putting discs in your bag

If a disc is in your bag, just touch in bag when entering or updating the disc details, or touch +bag when looking on the main discs menu. You can view your entire bag by touching the IN BAG toggle in the upper left corner. This is a great feature for making sure you have all of your discs after a round or field work. Sort your discs alphabetically by name, type (drivers, midrange, putters, etc), color, or distance measured on your throws.