If you receive an email informing you that your course, layout, or map submission was not approved, have a look at these common reasons and see if they apply to your submission. Note that there are over 15,000 courses in UDisc's public directory, so needing to add a new course should be fairly rare.

Not Enough Information Provided

If you submit a new layout or course but leave the "description" or "headline" blank, there is a good chance your submission will not be approved. Please provide as much information as possible to help us assess the new course/layout. Be thorough and make sure to mention what others need to know in order to play this course/layout. Writing something like "Cool course" is not good enough - use these fields to let your fellow disc golfers know what to expect so they can plan a successful trip to the course, or pick the correct layout when making a scorecard.

Possible profanity

Self-explanatory. If there is any profanity in a layout, hole name, course name, etc, it will not be approved.

Course Submissions:

My Private Course is Not Being Approved

Even if you are submitting a private course, you still need to provide information about it. Most fields should be filled out in all course submissions, especially the headline and description fields.

Better Suited as a Custom Scorecard

UDisc has a custom option you can choose when you tap on Create Scorecard. You just move the slider on the top of the screen to Custom, and you can create a layout to play with any number of holes. Sometimes, this makes more sense than adding a new course to UDisc. The main reasons to do this are when you are a playing a course that isn't real (casual object golf on the beach, for example), or you are a playing a course which is only for you.

Another Course is Too Close

Often, new courses are submitted by mistake, when the course already exists in UDisc's database. For that reason, we may decline new courses which appear to exist already. If you have submitted a new course, you might want to double-check the UDisc course directory to make sure it wasn't already submitted by someone else. If you are submitting a new course that is very close to an existing course, please make clear in the course details the purpose of the new course.

Unofficial Object Courses in Public Parks

If you wish to create an unofficial object or byob course, and add it to the directory for your personal use, in some instances this may be allowed. However, these kinds of courses must be created as Invite Only courses, and will not be approved as Everyone and open to the public. In the Availability section make sure to answer No to "Does this course have dedicated and/or permanently installed disc golf targets? *" and select if the course is either BYOB or Under Construction - this will automatically mark the course as Invite Only for you.

Please Note: Courses listed in the UDisc Course Directory that are available to Everyone and visible to the public must have permanently installed disc golf elements, making clear that disc golf is played in that location, with a minimum of 3 permanently installed disc golf targets. (baskets, tone poles, etc.) If the course you wish to submit does not meet these requirements, it may be better suited as a Custom Scorecard as mentioned above, or must be submitted as a private, Invite Only, course.

We are happy to support further development of courses through providing data that shows the importance of disc golf and impact on recreation in your area. Please reach out to us at 

help@udisc.com for more information!

Classic Layout Submissions:

Layouts for a Specific Par

Pars in UDisc should reflect what the tee signs say at the course. If you wish to play a layout using a different par than what is listed, you can tap the par on any hole to change it while playing. 

With this in mind, layouts with names such as "All Par 3" or "Par 72" will not be approved.

Significantly Changing the Layout Par

If a layout's par is changed by a significant amount, it may be better to create a new layout instead of editing an existing one. That being said, if you are correcting a layout so that pars line up with what's on the course tee signs, please send us an email and let us know. We will gladly approve the update.

Hole Distance is Too Long or Too Short

We know that some holes can be extremely long, and some holes can be unusually short, but if a hole is submitted with an outrageously high or low distance, we will decline it. This only occurs for extremes, such as a 40' hole or a 2000' par 5. UDisc sets hole distances based on the map, so a 5000' hole probably indicates that a mistake was made with the map editor.

Cannot remove the last active layout

Every course in UDisc is required to have at least one active layout. Otherwise, what is there to play? Any update which removes the last active layout from a course will be automatically declined. This is true for Smart Layouts as well - best practice is to ensure any layouts are marked as active prior to submitting layout edits. If a course is temporarily closed or unavailable, the course should be marked as unavailable or permanently closed.

Wrong Starting Hole Selected

If you have a layout that is the same as an existing one, but you want to start on hole 8, for example, this will be rejected. When you create a scorecard for a normal layout, UDisc lets you choose the hole you will start on. You should do this instead of creating a new layout. 

Of course, there may be cases where it's ok to create a layout that doesn't start on hole 1, but context is important. Make sure to include information in your description.

Edits Restricted for this Course

Some courses are "locked" to only allow edits from a certain individual, most commonly the property owner. If you submit an edit for a locked course or layout, then it will be rejected unless you're the approved editor.

Please note, if you are submitting a new Classic Layout for a League or Event, this should be made clear in the details of the layout. If you are a Course Ambassador, check out the available information here for setting up your Map Manager and Smart Layouts. 

Map Manager or Smart Layout Submissions:

Holes Still Need Review

Please make sure that you return to the Map Manager to finish setting up all holes before submitting your changes. You'll see remaining needs highlighted in red on Map Manager and can tap the red needs review button to help you determine which holes/elements need review. 

Trying to Edit a Smart Layout via the UDisc App

Please note that Smart Layouts, which are derived from the Map Manager tool, should always be edited online through the Map Manager or Layouts tab of your Course Tools, not via the mobile app's layout editor.

Please feel free to reach out to ambassadors@udisc.com if you're unsure about how best to update your course in the Map Manager, refer to the Course Ambassador Tools help articles.

If you feel your submission was declined erroneously, please reach out to us at help@udisc.com with an explanation and we'll help however we can. 

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