You can now practice putting with UDisc! Hit the "... More" tab of the app to find Practice Putting, Putting Scorecards, and Leaderboards (which includes comparative putting scorecard data).

The Practice Putting feature appears just below Measure Throw. Take five attempts from each distance (11ft, 22ft, 33ft, 44ft, 55ft, 66ft) and select the number of putts you made from each zone. If you don't want to putt from any particular distance(s) then just don't tap any number for that zone. Once you've finished your round of practice putting, make sure to hit the orange Save button to save your Putting Scorecard. 

The Putting Scorecard tab is where you'll find previously saved practice putting sessions. You can tab over to TOTAL or view individual putting practice rounds by DATE. Note that your Circle 1X percentage excludes tap-ins (so the 11ft range does not factor into C1X stats). 

Under Leaderboards, you can hit Putting Scorecards, which will show you the best scores broken down by several filters for UDisc members who are using the practice putting feature. Just like course leaderboards, you can narrow the range to just friends, and/or within a certain time period (such as the last week, month, or calendar year). You'll also be able to parse out which players are putting most effectively from Circle 1, and who is sniping the chains from Circle 2.