You can access the UDisc Practice features via the More tab in the app. 

Putting Practice:

Take five attempts from each distance (11ft, 22ft, 33ft, 44ft, 55ft, 66ft) and select the number of putts you made from each zone. If you don't want to putt from any particular distance(s) then just don't tap any number for that zone. Once you've finished your round of practice putting, make sure to hit the orange Save button to save your Putting Scorecard. Note that your Circle 1X percentage excludes tap-ins (so the 11ft range does not factor into C1X stats).

Accuracy Practice: (Check out this fun blog post!)

This mode entails throwing twenty shots, five from each of four different distances you selected. If you'd like to practice within a specific range of distance, then choose SHORT (30-60m/100-200ft), MEDIUM (60-90m/200-300ft), or LONG (90-120m/300-400ft). Selecting CUSTOM will prompt you to choose four distances of your liking, ranging from 30m/100ft to 300m/980 ft.

To make sure you're keeping stats precisely, we recommend setting up some flags or markers around your target at Circle 2 (20m/66ft), at Circle 1 (10m/33ft), and parked (3.3m/11ft). 

Hit the target icon in the upper-left to set the location of your target - it doesn't need to be a basket for accuracy practice. Select Done in the upper-right to save your target location and get started on accuracy practice. The number next to the basket icon will tell you how far away from your target you are.

You will earn points based on your performance in Accuracy Practice, and a bonus multiplier for any set of five throws from a specific distance for which you land 4 or more in Circle 2 or better. Backing up your Accuracy Practice to a further distance will earn you higher point values if you're successful. Hit the orange Finish button once you're done with your round of Accuracy Practice to save your Accuracy Scorecard.

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