Before creating a scorecard, once you've selected the players who will be on the scorecard, hit "Starting Scores" which is UDisc's in-app handicap feature. You can start weaker players below par, and/or start stronger players above par, and you'll be able to adjust how many strokes you're adding to (or subtracting from) the starting scores. Hit the "-" (minus sign) icon to set a starting score below par, or hit the "+" (plus sign) icon to set a starting score above par.

Please note that starting scores must be entered while creating the scorecard, and cannot be applied retroactively after the scorecard is created. For UDisc Leagues and UDisc Events, you'll see both the raw number of strokes, and the final total with starting scores factored in.

We recommend experimenting with this feature to find starting score handicaps that promote fair play for your group. This feature will work best if all members of the group play the entire round.