UDisc Events are an exciting, free live scoring option for any disc golf event. Currently, UDisc Events are in the beta stage. If you are interested in running an event, contact us at events@udisc.com. You can also feel free to submit an event application directly via this form online: udisc.com/events/add 

In 2021, UDisc is partnering with Dynamic Discs to offer UDisc Events as an option for Trilogy Challenges. If you're hosting a Trilogy Challenge event, this will save you hours, and make it easier to follow social distancing guidelines. There's no need to use paper scorecards, total scores by hand, or figure out which hole the last group is on.

Here, we'll outline everything you need to get started.

Set Up Your Event

First, you need to submit your event here. Once your event is approved, you will receive an email containing a link to your event. Follow the link and make sure you're logged in.

Single-round events can use the Casual check-in style player registration, which allows any player to check themselves into the event. Planned player registration, on the other hand, is fully managed by the event admin(s). 

Once you're logged in, you'll see a blue Manage button in the upper-right of your event page. This is where you can go to organize your event. 

The first thing you should do is visit the Event tab and review your event's information. Make sure to click through the Details, Courses, and Rounds sections (in that order). Check that your divisions are correct, and that each round has the correct start time listed. Ensure that you've selected the correct course and layout for the event before arranging card groupings.

Let players know your Event is on UDisc

Once your event is listed in UDisc, participants will be able to discover it on the Events tab in the UDisc app. The Events tab sorts events by location, so most of your local players will see the event listed on top, provided the event starts in the near future. It's also possible to find events by searching by name or location. You will also have a unique URL for the event, which you can share. 

Import Players

When registration for your event is complete, you can import your players to UDisc. From your manager tools, select the Players tab and then select Import.

To import your players, you just need to download your players list as a CSV file from your registration platform. Most registration sites like DiscGolfScene allow you to do this. Once you have the CSV, open it to verify that the required columns are there. These are listed on the import page (Name, PDGA#, Email, Division, Username).

Drop the CSV into the import page and watch your players list appear! The list of players will show you who we were able to automatically match to a UDisc account. When you create scorecards for the event, any player matched to an account will see their scorecard pop up in the app. If a player is not linked to an account, you can link them manually from the Players tab later by tapping the pencil icon to the right of the player, and selecting Link Player. 

If you see the word "Duplicate" next to any player's name, this means they signed up using the same email address as someone else. In this case, if we find a UDisc account for that email, we only link it to one of the players. Players who aren't linked to a UDisc account can still participate in the event, but another player on their card will need to keep score on their behalf.

When you are confident that the information looks good, click Finalize Import to bring all your players into UDisc.

Manage Players

Once you have imported your players, you can make any needed changes from the Players tab. There are a few things you can do here:

1. Add new players - From the top of this page, just follow the instructions to add a new player to your event.

2. Remove players - If someone drops out, you can click the pencil by their name to remove them from the event.

3. Link a player to UDisc - If a player was imported with no UDisc account, or they were automatically linked to the wrong account, you can change this by clicking on the player. 

4. Change a player's division or name - Just click the pencil icon to edit a player's information.

Setup Scorecards

When all of your players are imported (and course and layout information is set up), you can create scorecards for your event by clicking the Scoring tab, then Manage Cards

Set parameters for your cards at the top of the page, then click Arrange to set them up automatically. You can drag players around as needed, and click Create when you are ready to save a card.

If the arrangement doesn't look right, you can adjust the options at the top and then click Rearrange Cards to try again. For example, you might adjust what order the divisions tee off in, or change the default card size from 4 to 5.

When you've saved all your cards, you can click Notify Players to send a push notification to all players linked to a UDisc account with information about their card (including tee time or starting hole information).

At the Event

UDisc adds live scoring to your event. Everyone on the card can open the app and enter scores, and everyone will see the changes in real-time. This makes it easy to hand-off scoring responsibilities after one or a few holes, and ensures that everyone can check scores as the round progresses.

There are a few things that all players should do prior to the round:

Update UDisc to the latest version. Please ask all competitors to update UDisc to the latest version before they show up to play.

At a minimum, one person in each group must be linked to a UDisc account in order to keep score. It is very unlikely that you'll have a card where no one has UDisc. If this happens, a player needs to create an account, and then you can link them to their account from the Players tab in your manager's tools.

On the off-chance that nobody on the card keeps score in UDisc, you can always add their scores to the leaderboard after the round (via Manage > Scoring > Leaderboard). 

View Live Scores

Did we mention that UDisc provides live scoring and real-time leaderboards for your event? You can view the current leaderboard by tapping the Leaderboard button in the scorecard, or by opening the Events tab in UDisc and tapping View Leaderboard.

If you want to view live scores from a computer, the website will be included in the email you receive when your Trilogy Challenge is available in UDisc. Send your players there to view the leaderboard, schedule, and other details on the web. 

Make sure you share a link to your leaderboard so your family and friends can follow!


This is just the beginning of UDisc scoring for events. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please reach out to us via help@udisc.com and we'll be happy to assist. We would love to hear your feedback after you run an event!