There are several common reasons that a league submission is not approved. In many cases, you can resubmit the league with some small changes and it will be approved.

The league is a duplicate

If a league already exists at the course you've selected, it may be flagged as a duplicate. This is not usually a problem, but if you submit a league called "Tuesday Doubles at Oak Grove", and a doubles league already plays there every Tuesday, it may not get approved.

The name is too generic

League names need to be unique. A league called "Bag Tags" or "Doubles League" will not be approved. Simply adding a location before the name is usually enough. If your league is rejected for this reason, try resubmitting with a new name. In the above examples, something like "Shreveport Bag Tags" or "Mission Hills Doubles" would be good. 

The name is just an acronym

A league name that is a short, not commonly known acronym, such as "RTM", should be spelled out, either partially or entirely. Please resubmit with a more descriptive name.

It's a putting league

Putting Leagues are not currently supported. 

It's not a league

If your league isn't really a league, it will not be approved. A one-time event or tournament is a common example of this. 

The league is private

A league that is not available for the public to join and play will not be approved. Currently, all UDisc Leagues are required to be public. Anyone can see them listed, show up, and play. For this reason, leagues cannot be created on courses that are set to Invite Only.

The name is vulgar

Self-explanatory. Vulgar league names are not approved.

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