UDisc Events will take your tournament experience to the next level with additional scorecard management tools, and both PDGA-sanctioned and unsanctioned events alike are supported. Multi-round events with cumulative scoring are also supported, plus live scorecard and leaderboard functionalities (similar to UDisc Leagues), and your event listing page both online and in the UDisc app. Some of the benefits of UDisc Events include interactive course maps, players able to keep score on their phones and watches, and live-updating leaderboards.


Please reach out to events@udisc.com if you'd like to participate in the UDisc Events Beta program. We'll ask you a few questions about your event and if it's something we can support, then we can help you get it set up. Some of the initial information we'd request:

  • Event date(s) and start time(s)
  • Course(s) / layout(s)
  • Number of Rounds
  • Pools and/or divisions? Are all divisions playing the same course/layout?
  • Registration URL or information
  • Start format (tee times/shotgun/other)
  • Any other event administrators who should be added
  • Anything else out of the ordinary that we should know about how you're running the event?

Let players know your event is on UDisc

Once we've created your event, participants will be able to discover it on the Events tab in the UDisc app. The Events tab sorts events by location, so most of your local players will see the event listed near the top, provided the event starts in the near future. It's also possible to find events by searching by name or location, and your event will have a unique webpage as well (you can feel free to share your event's link), which includes some admin tools for the tournament director.

Finish setting up your event

Most people will just see the basic Info and Scores tabs in the public-facing event webpage, which will also appear on the Events tab in the UDisc app. You should see a blue "Manage" button in the upper-right of the page when you visit your event webpage, which allows you to access the tournament director tools. You'll see a few tabs on your event "Manage" page: Event, Scoring, and Players. Please make sure you take a look inside each tab before your event. 

The Events tab has all of the basic information about your event, including its description, website link, and a place for a course photo (we recommend using a photo from udisc.com/courses). Please review these details and make any changes for accuracy as needed. If your event has some players on a different course or layout than others in a round (and/or if your event has pools), then please make sure you've enabled "Groups". If you would like to allow players to re-score a round, then you should select the "allow re-buys" checkbox (note: this is different than a multi-round event).

The Players tab is where you can add registered participants to the event, and make updates for players such as which division they're playing. The best way to add players to an event is via their UDisc username, PDGA membership ID #, or email address. Please note that players won't be able to register themselves into your UDisc Event - as the tournament director, you will have to manage registrations. The UDisc team can help with importing pre-registered players before the date of the event, but you will need to register any late additions individually through the Players tab (we'd recommend getting players registered in advance, if possible). Typically, we will not import waitlisted players into the event unless you ask us to do so; you'll be able to add any promoted players from the waitlist individually.

You'll see a "New User" tab for disc golfers who don't yet have a UDisc account; you can sign them up for free with their email address, which will allow them to keep score during their round. If some players still don't have UDisc, then they will not be able to keep score for themselves, and someone else on their card should plan to keep score for the round. At a minimum, one person in each group must keep score. This ensures that every player is accounted for on the UDisc leaderboard. If a player creates a UDisc account shortly before the event, you can click the player and pencil icon to the right of the player (or team) name on the Players tab, choose "Remove Player", and then enter their new UDisc account information to replace the player registration entry.

Under the Scoring tab, you'll see Manage Cards. From here you can make adjustments to the start format (Tee times, Shotgun, Flex), event start time, and card groupings. Drag the player icons between cards, and hit Save once you're satisfied with the arrangement of the player cards. Unlike UDisc Leagues, in the UDisc Events platform you'll need to setup cards as the tournament director, and we'd recommend doing so before the day of the event. You will also see a "Notify Players" button that sends a push notification to the field with their tee times, starting holes, and/or card information for the event. You should definitely arrange the cards before the day of the event, but you may choose to send out the push notification on the day of the event.

Next to Manage Cards, you'll see the Leaderboard page. As tournament director you can make edits to players' score entries, set or un-set players as DNF if they don't finish the event (via the pencil icon on the right). For cards on which none of the players have a UDisc account, you can enter their scores directly into the leaderboard as the event admin. The PAY column is an open text field, which you can feel to use however you see fit. Some tournament directors may elect to use that column to track registration fees or payouts, for example.

View Live Scores

UDisc Events brings live scoring and real-time leaderboards to your event. You can view the current leaderboard by tapping the Leaderboard button in the scorecard, or by opening the Events tab in UDisc and tapping View Leaderboard.

If you want to view live scores from a computer, the website will be included in the email you receive when your event is approved. Send your players there to view the leaderboard, registration information, and other details on the web. If you have access to a monitor on-site during the event, then you could display the live-updating leaderboard on the screen for players to follow along with scoring.

Completing your Event

When you're in the "Manage" page, you'll see a blue "COMPLETE" button in the upper-right. Please do not hit the "COMPLETE" button until your event is completed, and all scores are finalized. You should make sure to revisit the Scoring tab, closely check the leaderboard and make sure everything looks correct before clicking "COMPLETE" and saving the event results.


This is just the beginning of UDisc Events. We will continue to add more scoring formats and solutions to make running disc golf tournaments easier than ever before.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via help@udisc.com and we'll be happy to assist.