UDisc Events are a great way to simplify scoring for your sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments. There's no need to use paper scorecards, no risk of math errors when totaling your scores, and with real-time scoring updates, you'll know if you need to go for the birdie on hole 18 to shoot the hot round.

With the changes we've all had to make to accommodate life amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, contact-free digital scoring and social distancing are a necessity to run a safe disc golf event. Live Scorecards are in the DNA of UDisc Events beta, and make your events safer by eliminating paper scorecards once and for all. Scores sync to every player's phone, and anyone in the group can keep score on their own device at any time. Handing-off scorekeeper duties has never been easier!

Check-In And Keep Score

UDisc powers live scoring for Events. Unlike "regular" UDisc scorecards, everyone in your group can view or keep score from their own phones, and everyone will see the scores in real-time, on their own devices. This makes it easy to hand-off scoring responsibilities after a few holes, let each player track stats for themselves (if desired), and ensures that everyone can check scores as the round progresses without the need for a paper scorecard.

Update UDisc to the latest version. Make sure you show up to the course with the latest version of UDisc. Open your app store and search for UDisc and make sure there are no pending updates. We're constantly pushing updates to improve the event scoring experience, so it's important you keep UDisc up to date. 

Pro Tip: turn on automatic updates for UDisc in your App Store to make sure you always have the latest version.

Make sure you're logged in to your UDisc account. Open UDisc and check the Profile tab. If you see an orange CREATE ACCOUNT or LOG IN button, you are not logged in. Please tap that button to log in or create a free account before you arrive at your event.

At least one person in each group must keep score in UDisc. This ensures that every player is accounted for on the UDisc leaderboard, and greatly reduces the time it takes your tournament director to tally scores.

Check In. Find the Event in the UDisc app, under the Events tab. Events are sorted by how close they are to your location, so most of the time your event will be on the very top. Tap on the event or search for the name of the tournament if you don't see it. Then, tap the Check In button.

If another player does not have a phone, tap the Players button from the event page. This takes you to a list of players registered for the event. The tournament director will take care of adding players to the event, assigning card groupings and start format. 

Coordinate with your cardmates during check-in. After you are all checked in, one person only should tap the CREATE SCORECARD button via the Events tab (or via the course listing page) to start keeping score. Make sure only one player per card grouping creates the scorecard.

Once the scorecard is created, everyone in your group will get a notification. Unlike "regular" UDisc scorecards, everyone can keep score or follow along in real-time on their own device. This makes scoring much faster, allows players who want stats to track them for themselves, and even allows people at home to follow along live.

View Live Scores

UDisc provides live scoring and real-time leaderboards for your Event. You can view the current leaderboard by tapping the Leaderboard button in the scorecard, or by opening the Events tab in UDisc and tapping View Leaderboard.

If you want to view live scores from a computer or share the live leaderboard with friends, tap the LEADERBOARD button on top of the scorecard. For multi-round events, you'll see the rounds at the top, and you can view scores for each round (plus cumulative scoring for the event as a whole). Then, tap the blue Share button to send the link to friends or post on social media. They can also visit the Events tab in the UDisc app, or go to the event webpage to follow along with the action. 


If you have questions about your event, please reach out to your tournament director.

If you have a question about your UDisc account, please reach out to us via help@udisc.com and we'll be happy to assist. Happy discing!