When keeping score on a mapped layout, you'll see a folded map icon in the upper-right (directly beneath the scorecard menu). This option will only be available at mapped layouts, so if you need to map the layout then you should check out this guide first: Mapping a Layout.

When using Map Scoring, you'll save the location of each throw by walking to where your throw landed, and then tapping on the blue "+" icon on the left-hand side of your scorecard. If the location needs to be adjusted, then you can tap and drag the pin. 

When you complete the hole, tap on the basket icon and then swipe left to the next hole. You'll then see a blue "Share" button on the right, which you can tap to send your mapped throw results to friends. You can pinch-zoom to get a closer look at your throw's landing zone or the basket. If you'd like to see the course map in full-screen, hit the diagonal arrow icon in the upper-left of the map.

By default, UDisc will consider your throws On the Fairway unless it lands in Circle 1 or Circle 2. If your throw went Off the Fairway, you can indicate that by tapping the "(X) Off" icon. If the throw went OB, into a Hazard, or missed a mando, then you should tap the triangular "!" icon instead, and then tap and hold on the map where your next throw will be from. To delete a mapped throw entirely, hit the red trashcan icon.

Whether you initially selected Scores Only or Full Stats doesn't impact this option (as long as the layout is mapped, you'll have Map Scoring available). Map scoring will give you more precise distances for your made putts, plus the opportunity to measure every throw. To measure a throw after entering it into the map, tap the diagonal ruler icon. 

When you've completed your round and saved your scorecard, you will see a "View My Map" button underneath the "Create Share Image" button. Viewing your map includes the Map Scoring from your round. Hit the ">>" icon to see the first hole's map, and for each completed hole that you mapped, you'll see a "Share Map" button which includes your drive and putt distance. 

If you've already completed your round and would like to measure some throws retroactively, you can do so by hitting the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper-right, then choosing Edit Scorecard, and swiping right until you get to the hole you'd like to measure. Tap the pin icon where your throw landed, and then hit the diagonal ruler icon to measure the throw.

Via the ...More tab under Settings, you'll find a toggle for "Keep GPS Active When Scorecard Map Open", which we'd recommend toggling on (blue is on) to find location faster and with maximum accuracy.

Map Scoring functionality is currently exclusive to the phone app, and you'll need version 12.0 or newer (please make sure you've installed the most recently updated version of the app). Please note: Map Scoring is only accessible when keeping score for your profile, but not for other players.

If you have any questions on Map Scoring, please send us a message at help@udisc.com and we'll be happy to assist!