UDisc is now available localized into nine languages, and will reflect the language setting that you have on your device. In addition to English, you can now use the UDisc app in Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Estonian, French, and Dutch!

On iOS (with iOS 13 or newer), you can change the language of a specific app without changing the language setting on your entire device. To do this, first make sure you have multiple languages available on the device by going to the Settings app -> General -> Language & Region. You'll see a preferred language order and can tap "Add Language..." if your language isn't yet listed.

Then go back to the Settings app, and scroll down to where you'll see all installed apps listed in alphabetical order (UDisc will probably be near the bottom). Tap on UDisc and you'll see "Preferred Language" at the bottom of the app's settings. Please note: this setting is available on iOS only right now. On Android, the UDisc app language will always reflect the preferred language setting of your device.

If your language isn't yet listed here, and you or someone you know might like to help provide translations for UDisc, please let us know at help@udisc.com and we'll be happy to get that started. ????????????????