UDisc Leagues and UDisc Events both provide live scorecard functionalities, and live updating leaderboards for disc golf competitions. The UDisc Leagues platform is recommended for recurring events (such as weeklies or monthlies), and events with flexible day-of registration. Here are some of the unique characteristics of each platform: 

UDisc Leagues

- Players can register themselves for a League event by checking in via the "Events" tab in-app.

- A series of events can be managed through the same league, with leaderboards collected into a centralized league page.

- Standard and Flex start formats only

- Single round league events only (re-buys supported as well)

- All participating disc golfers must have a UDisc account (free trial works great)

- Teams (i.e. doubles) will display player names on leaderboard

UDisc Events

- Tournament Director manages all player registration, and the UDisc team can import a batch of registered players (Planned).

- Single round events can use Casual registration format, which allows players to check themselves in just like in Leagues.

- Players without a UDisc account can be added to the event, and see their performance displayed on the leaderboard (although they won't be able to keep score for themselves). UDisc Pro members and disc golfers using the free trial can participate fully.

- Shotgun and Tee Times start formats, in addition to Standard and Flex 

- Flexible card management tools, including ghost cards

- Push notifications to send information (tee time, starting hole, etc) to the field

- Multi-round events with cumulative scoring supported (re-buys supported as well)

- Multi-course events supported (and events across multiple layouts)

- Groups / Pools supported

- PDGA sanctioned events (and also unsanctioned events) supported

- Teams (i.e. doubles) can display custom team names on leaderboards

If you aren't sure whether your event would be more appropriate for the UDisc Leagues or UDisc Events platform, please send a message to events@udisc.com and we'll be happy to review your event information to give you the best platform to succeed.