To add new labels to tees or targets on your course when you're in Map Manager, click the ACTIONS button (••• on mobile) at the top right of the screen, then click MAP SETTINGS. You can then use the blue + Add Tee Type, + Add Tee Position Label, + Add Target Type, or + Add Target Label buttons to make the necessary additions. Use the trash can button to discard any unnecessary labels. When finished, click SAVE and you will be taken back to the map.

Your layout map should include labels to ensure that all tee pads, targets, and the paths between them are clearly identified with a unique naming convention. If your course just has one set of tee pads and targets, then we'd recommend labeling those "Main" in most cases. If you install new tee pads or targets later, they can be assigned new labels, such as "alt," "longs," or whatever best matches your course's tee signs. 

Labels help players to understand which configuration of the course is being played. If a tee or target applies to multiple configurations (i.e. a certain tee is the same for the blue and red layouts) you can assign multiple labels to a tee or target, but you should never combine them in your naming convention. You should also never create labels for individual holes. Below are some examples of bad naming conventions. DO NOT DO THIS!

Bad Labels

Examples of bad labels. DO NOT DO THIS!

You can click the + Add Target Label or + Add Tee Position Label button if you'd like to add a new label to an existing tee or target. Use the "Description" field (via the EDIT button) if you'd like to use a label on a path from tee pad to target.