How do I add or edit a dogleg?

To add or edit a dogleg, click on an existing path in the Map Map Manager between the tee and the target. 

In the drop-down options, click Add/Edit Doglegs. You can then drag the path to most closely match the shape of the hole. If there are multiple curves in the hole, click + ADD POINT and move the points to match the shape. Click "confirm doglegs" to finish editing.

How do I delete a dogleg?

Open the Map Mnager in your browser, click on the path (the line in between tee pad and target), and then select the "Add / Edit Doglegs" button. By default, you'll see a dot in the middle of the path. You can drag the dot to the joint of the dogleg, and you'll see another dot pop up in between the point you chose and the teepad (or target). Feel free to continue adding doglegs to match the curvature of the path. Even if it's possible for throwers to find a line over the trees, matching the primary fairway is recommended for doglegs. 

If you've added a dogleg point that doesn't need to be there, then you can click on the point and you'll see a button appear to "Delete Selected Point" with a trash can icon. Even if there are no doglegs remaining, hit the Confirm Doglegs button when you're done adding, removing, and/or editing dogleg points along the path.