UDisc Live provides live scores, statistics, and leaderboards for some of the world's biggest professional disc golf events. This guide summarizes best practices for keeping tabs on the pros' performance through UDisc Live: 

Favoriting Players: Tap on a player's name, and then tap on the Star icon (next to "PROFILE") to favorite that player. You can favorite as many players as you'd like in each division. Favorited players will appear at the top of the leaderboard if you're logged into your UDisc account when viewing UDisc Live.

Follow a Card: To follow all players on a specific card, you can either favorite all of those players, or select one player's UDisc Live profile and then click on "CARD XX" (where XX is the card number on which that player is competing). 

Player Comparison: Take a look at the World Rankings for top players' most up-to-date rankings. Check off 2-6 players to compare their Dominance Indexes and likelihoods of winning when facing off against each other. You can also click on the "Standings" tab at the top of the page to gauge how players stack up in tour points.

Tee Sign Images: View tee signage for each hole and any division by tapping on the INFO tab on a UDisc Live tournament page, then expand out "Round & Hole Information" and hit VIEW HOLE MAPS.

Media Coverage: Also on the INFO tab, you can check out which media providers are covering the event, including links to their pages. 

Hardest Holes: Select the COURSE STATS tab for any past or current event and any played round to see how the course was playing that day. You'll find each hole broken down by the advanced statistics. More on UDisc Live stats here.

As always, for more assistance, feel free to reach out to help@udisc.com

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