When scoring your round on a Smart Layout in UDisc, you can easily change which tee you want to play from, or which target you wish to play to. This could simply be because you want to play a combination of tees and targets that is different from the available layouts, or possibly because the targets have changed positions and not yet been updated on UDisc. Either way, it's a simple process. Watch the video or follow the steps listed below!

Tap on the orange basket icon in the upper right, decide if you'd like to change the tee or the target, select the element you wish to play, tap the in the top left. After following those steps, you are now ready to score that hole with the correct tee and target selected. Please note this change will be applied to all players on your card. The option for players on the same card to play different tees or targets is not currently available. 

If you need further assistance please contact help@udisc.com.

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