Filmed Card Scorekeeper Training

UDisc Live Tournament Preparation

As the scorekeeper for a filmed card (most commonly the lead, chase, or third card), you play a very important part. Thousands of fans around the world will be paying attention to your tournament both online and on live video coverage, and your efforts will directly impact the quality of the live viewing experience for fans. 

The cameras won’t always see where a throw landed, so your role is crucial in helping to inform the broadcast in a timely manner. While we hope you have fun following the card from the best perspective on the course, this is a serious role that requires dedicated focus throughout the round.

Pre-tournament checklist

  • Bring a portable battery + charging cable for your phone

  • Download the most recently updated version of the UDisc app

  • Familiarize yourself with the UDisc app by watching the training video and reading the guide here: 

  • Ask questions now!

How It Works

UDisc Live works by scorekeepers entering where each throw landed. For filmed cards, you may work in tandem with another scorekeeper to ensure that you can enter throws into the app quickly. 

One scorekeeper’s role should be to walk with the group, confirm scores for each hole, and stay near the tee pad for their drives. The other scorekeeper should position themselves near the green or fairway landing zone on each hole (near the catch camera videographer) to expeditiously enter throw information for the group’s drives. 

Near the putting green, you will see three circles marked with colored whiskers in the ground to help you estimate upshots and made putts’ distances. Red whiskers around the basket indicate the Parked zone (0-11 feet / 3.3 meters). Orange whiskers indicate the edge of Circle 1 (33 feet / 10 meters). Blue whiskers indicate the edge of Circle 2 (66 feet / 20 meters). 

Scoring for a filmed card is particularly important because the live video broadcast relies on your quickness to display accurate graphics and to provide up-to-date commentary about the round. Please do your best to enter throws as soon as they come to rest.  

If working in tandem, both scorekeepers can enter throws into the UDisc app on their phones, and can be logged into UDisc as scorekeeper simultaneously. If you ever need to erase a throw to correct its landing zone, then hit the ( ) button before re-entering the throw.

If scores are entered but not updating, please close and re-open the UDisc app. Do not hesitate to let the tournament staff know if you have any concerns.