If you have a Garmin watch and want to keep score with UDisc, you've come to the right place. Use the guide below to pair your supported Garmin watch with UDisc. Once your watch is paired, learn how to keep score.

Pair Garmin Watch in UDisc

Before starting ensure your Garmin watch is supported by UDisc: supported Garmin watch list. 

  1. Make sure you have version 15.1 or newer of UDisc. 

  2. Check that the Garmin ConnectIQ and Garmin Connect apps on your phone are fully up to date.

  3. Download UDisc on the Garmin ConnectIQ Store: search for UDisc in the ConnectIQ app on your phone, or click here.

  4. Open the UDisc app on your phone

  5. Tap the More tab

  6. Scroll down to Settings/Support and tap Settings

  7. Scroll down and Tap Garmin Watch

  8. Follow the steps to connect your device

  9. Once connected your watch will be listed on the settings page

You're all set! Check out our other articles on how to keep score on your Garmin watch, or Garmin watch troubleshooting.