The Garmin watch models below support keeping score with UDisc. This list is always expanding and will be updated when support is added for additional watches.

The UDisc Garmin app supports keeping score (strokes only), live updating distance to pin using the GPS in your Garmin device, and viewing tee order + a score summary.

NameModel Number
Captain Marvellegacyherocaptainmarvel
D2 Mach 1d2mach1
D2 Air X10d2airx10
Darth Vaderlegacysagadarthvader
Descent MK2descentmk2
Descent MK2Sdescentmk2s
Enduro 2enduro2
Epix 2epix2
Fenix 6fenix6
Fenix 6 Profenix6pro
Fenix 6sfenix6s
Fenix 6s Profenix6spro
Fenix 6x Profenix6xpro
Fenix 7fenix7
Fenix 7sfenix7s
Fenix 7xfenix7x
First Avengerlegacyherofirstavenger
Forerunner 245fr245
Forerunner 245 Musicfr245m
Forerunner 255fr255
Forerunner 255 Musicfr255m
Forerunner 255sfr255s
Forerunner 255s Musicfr255sm
Forerunner 265fr265
Forerunner 265sfr265s
Forerunner 745fr745
Forerunner 945fr945
Forerunner 945 LTEfr945lte
Forerunner 955fr955
Forerunner 965fr965
Instinct 2*instinct2*
Instinct 2s*instinct2s*
MARQ Adventurermarqadventurer
MARQ Athletemarqathlete
MARQ Aviatormarqaviator
MARQ Captainmarqcaptain
MARQ Commandermarqcommander
MARQ Drivermarqdriver
MARQ Expeditionmarqexpedition
MARQ Golfermarqgolfer
MARQ (Gen 2)marq2
MARQ Aviator (Gen 2)marq2aviator
Mercedes-Benz Venu 2venu2
Mercedes-Benz Venu 2svenu2s
Tactix 7
Venu 2venu2
Venu 2 Plusvenu2plus
Venu 2svenu2s
Venu Sqvenusq
Venu Sq 2venusq2
Venu Sq 2 Musicvenusq2m
Venu Sq Musicvenusqm
Vivoactive 4vivoactive4
Vivoactive 4svivoactive4s

* If using the Instinct 2 or Instinct 2s, we do not recommend scoring for more than 4 players or more than 18 holes. These devices have some very strict memory limitations and the UDisc app may become unstable or even crash if the scorecard has more than 4 players or is on a course that is longer than 18 holes.