How To Keep Score on Garmin Watch

Please make sure you've paired your Garmin watch with UDisc before keeping score.

Open the UDisc app on your Garmin watch.

Once the app is open, create a scorecard normally in the UDisc app on your phone, and the scorecard will show up on your watch [troubleshooting guide].

[the UI will vary slightly depending on your watch]

Press the edit button to start entering scores

Use the + or - to set your score. Press + once to enter par, press - once to enter a birdie.

When you’re done, press the ✅  button to confirm you’re done scoring for that player and move on to the next player.

Once you’ve entered scores for all players, press the next hole button to move to the next hole.

When you score the last hole, you’ll be able to review your overall scores.

Open UDisc on your phone and finish the scorecard normally.

This is just the beginning of the Garmin watch integration with UDisc, and we are actively working on improvements to refine the experience across the more than 40 Garmin watches UDisc supports. If you experience any issues on your Garmin watch, please try some basic troubleshooting. If you are still having issues, reach out to with details including your Garmin watch model, UDisc app version, UDisc Garmin app version, and a description of the issue.