After a UDisc Event wraps up, any event/league admins can still make edits to get everything looking right. Most of the post-event actions are available via the Leaderboard tab of your event admin tools. 

Actions menu

In the upper-left of the leaderboard tab is an "Actions" drop-down menu where you can complete the following actions:

Note: if you need to add more players or change players' divisions, then you can do that via the Participants tab of your event admin tools. 

Lock icon

Next to a lock icon, in the upper-right of each card on the leaderboard are three dots, which you can click to open some card-specific admin tools. Use this to 

  • move players to a different card grouping

  • unlock the card if they're ready to keep score, or 

  • verify a finished card if players didn't do it themselves in-app (Once a card is verified, then you'll be able to break ties (if needed))

Pencil icon

There is also a diagonal pencil icon to the right of each player, which allows you to

  • edit players scores and starting scores (handicaps)

  • set a player to DNF, or 

  • move a player to a different card grouping. 

You can also manage tie-breaking from this menu, but only after scores are entered for the final round and the card is verified. 

Complete the round!

In the upper-right, you'll see a "Complete round" button (or a "Complete event" button if it's the last round of the event). Completing the round or event will...

  • automatically set any players with missing hole scores to DNF

  • prevents the addition of rounds, players, or cards

Please note: Events will be automatically completed at 8pm on the day after the event ends.

Need to add players or cards to a completed event? 

In the upper-right of the admin leaderboard page, you'll see a toggle which allows you to un-complete the event. You'll need to first un-complete the event, then add any remaining players or cards. And just a friendly reminder to re-complete the event once your updates are all set!

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions!

Need more help or want assistance from fellow league admins? Check out the Community Forum here!