If you are scoring your event with UDisc, there are three options for your event start format. 

Shotgun Start

Shotgun start is when all players begin at the same time, but from a different starting hole. Each player will start at a specific hole on the course when the round begins and continue along the course in order from the hole where they began. For example, if a player starts at hole 7, they will then play holes 8 through 18, and then continue from hole 1 and play through hole 6. 

This is an efficient way to speed up the event. It helps to keep the flow from getting log jammed at a particularly difficult hole, and allows all the participants to finish around the same time. This provides a great opportunity for celebration all together at a post-tournament party.

Tee Times

A tournament that uses tee times assigns participants a specific start time on the day of the event, and participants usually all begin at the first hole. Tee times are often staggered between 10 and 15 minutes apart, so that players can move down the course and keep everything running smoothly.

This format can be useful when planning large tournaments with a high number of participants, because it allows some flexibility. Many people will be more likely to participate if they can choose a tee time that fits their schedule. 

Flex Start

Flex start allows players to start their rounds at their convenience during the day(s) of the event. This is a great start format for more casual event formats, affording a ton of flexibility for both event admins and players alike. You can also (optionally) enable players to create their own card groupings, so you can manage the event in a "hands-off" style. 

Regardless your chosen start format, in a multi-round event, you can some publish card groupings for the next round even if some other cards haven't yet finished their first round.

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As always, never hesitate to contact us at help@udisc.com if there is anything else we can do to help.