Creating divisions for your event is not necessary, but can be a nice added feature to accommodate different skill levels. Not sure what divisions to create? You can either choose from PDGA Divisions that are typically based on gender and year of birth, and in some cases skill level, OR choose to create your own Custom Division.

PDGA Divisions

The available PDGA Divisions are:

Professional Divisions

  • FPO - Pro Open Women

  • MPO - Mixed Pro Open

  • MP40 - Pro Masters 40+

  • FP40 - Pro Master Women 40+

  • MP50 - Pro Masters 50+

  • FP50 - Pro Master Women 50+

  • MP55 - Pro Masters 55+

  • FP55 - Pro Master Women 55+

  • MP60 - Pro Masters 60+

  • FP60 - Pro Master Women 60+

  • MP65 - Pro Masters 65+

  • FP65 - Pro Master Women 65+

  • MP70 - Pro Masters 70+

  • FP70 - Pro Master Women 70+

  • MP75 - Pro Masters 75+

  • FP75 - Pro Master Women 75+

  • MP80 - Pro Masters 80+

  • FP80 - Pro Master Women 80+

Amateur Divisions

  • MA1 - Advanced

  • MA2 - Intermediate

  • MA3 - Recreational

  • MA4 - Novice

  • FA1 - Female Advanced

  • FA2 - Advanced Women

  • FA3 - Recreational Women

  • FA4 - Novice Women

  • MA40 - Amateur Master 40+

  • FA40 - Amateur Master Women 40+

  • MA50 - Amateur Master 50+

  • FA50 - Amateur Master Women 50+

  • MA55 - Amateur Master 55+

  • FA55 - Amateur Master Women 55+

  • MA60 - Amateur Master 60+

  • FA60 - Amateur Master Women 60+

  • MA65 - Amateur Master 65+

  • FA65 - Amateur Master Women 65+

  • MA70 - Amateur Master 70+

  • FA70 - Amateur Master Women 70+

  • MA75 - Amateur Master 75+

  • FA75 - Amateur Master Women 75+

  • MA80 - Amateur Master 80+

  • FA80 - Amateur Master Women 80+

Ratings-Based Divisions

  • RPA - Gold 970+

  • RAH - Blue < 970

  • RAD - White < 935

  • RAE - Green < 850

  • RAG - Purple < 800

Your event does not need to be sanctioned to use PDGA Divisions. These divisions are recognizable and will be easy to distinguish for those who've played tournaments. For more information on how to determine which division is the right fit for each player, check out:

To add PDGA Divisions, click and choose from the list that populates. Select each of the divisions you'd like to add (clicking the Select All button would select all divisions) then click Add

Custom Divisions

Custom Divisions are a great option if you want flexible options for players, are hosting a doubles event, or want to add a non-participant type division. One example of this could include a Mixed Division if hosting a doubles tournament that allows for Mixed Teams to sign-up.

When creating a Custom Division, first click , then fill-out the Custom Division Code and Custom Division Name option that populate. Much like PDGA Divisions, your Division Code should be a recognizable shorthand for this division, for example MIX for Mixed or GEN for General. The Custom Division Code must be 3 characters or longer.

Once you've entered all information, click Save and you'll see this division populate under Custom Divisions. To add more Custom Divisions, repeat the process outlined above.

How Many Divisions Should I Offer?

When in doubt, it never hurts to add more divisions than are needed to ensure there is space and options for all players. Divisions can always be collapsed if not enough players sign-up within a Division. If you are running a tournament with just 30 players, you may only want to offer 2 - 3 divisions. While, if creating divisions for a tournament with 180 players you'll want to include more options to accommodate a variety of skill levels. 

We recognize this isn't a straight-forward answer. The number and type of divisions you offer at your tournament is dependent on your field. Knowing your field and recognizing the broad abilities of those who may want to register is a critical piece in deciding which divisions to add.

How Can I Change a Player's Division?

Let's imagine you add MA3 as a Division, but it doesn't fill. How can you adjust players and this Division? To change a Player's assigned Division, head to Players and click the pencil next to your name. From here a small window will populate where you'll see the Divisions dropdown. Click the Dropdown and select the Division you'd like to move the Player to. In this example, we've moved this player from GEN (general) to MIX (mixed). 

*Please note! At this time, there is no way to mass move an entire Division. Each player will need to be moved individually.

If you would also like to delete the division that Player's have been moved out of, head to back to Divisions. On the Divisions page, you have edit and delete options next to each division you've created. Select the trashcan to delete a division. 

You are not able to delete a division if players are still assigned to said division. A warning will display to prevent you from doing so. If you see this warning, head back to Players and make sure all players have been assigned to a new division prior to deleting.

Can I Add PDGA and Custom Divisions?

Yes! Adding both PDGA and Custom Divisions might be appropriate if you want to create non-player divisions for Sponsorships, Donations, or might be offering both PDGA Divisions such as MA1 and FA1 but also want to offer a purely Mixed Division. As mentioned above, there are many options available to you so you can create divisions that meet you and your players' needs.

Want more assistance or tips from your fellow tournament directors? Check out our Community Forum here!

As always, never hesitate to contact us at for any further help!