Are you working on your Map Manager setup, and you have an error in the top left telling you a certain number of holes or elements need review? If you aren't sure how to fix that, we are here to help!

Follow the red dots!

If elements need review, that means that there is a tee or target somewhere on your map, that has not yet been assigned to a specific hole number. Look at your map and find the tees or targets with red dots on them. Click on that target, and you will be given the option to Confirm or Delete that element.

If that is a valid tee or target placement, go ahead and Confirm. You will then be asked to select the correct hole number, tee/target label, and type, and mark the element as either Active or Inactive. If this tee pad or target is temporary, be sure to check that box.

Holes need review?

If a specific hole needs review, there will be a red dot next to the hole number at the bottom of the map. Click on the hole that needs review. Then, if on a mobile device, tap on the < on the right side of the screen. The details on the right will show what the problem is. Some common issues are multiple tees may not share the same label, multiple targets may not share the same type, or at least one tee and one target must be active on every hole

Once all errors have been resolved, you can review and submit your changes! After they are approved, you can move on to setting up your Smart Layouts. Approvals can take up to 24-48 hours, though we always try to get to them sooner. If you need further assistance, contact us at

For help from fellow ambassadors, take a look at our Community Forum here.