Do you need help making changes to an event you listed on UDisc? Editing and managing your event is a simple process! 

1. You can access your event by searching for it on the Events tab of the app, or at Alternatively, if you go to, log in to your UDisc account, and click on Dashboard, any event that has you listed as Staff will appear here. 

2. Click on the event that needs to be updated, and then click Manage in the upper right. 

3. Using the tools listed on the left side of the screen, select the area that needs to be edited. You can edit the General Information, Location, Schedule and any other posted information. 

4. In the Settings tab you can add additional Admins if another user should have access to these tools. This is also where you would Cancel or Delete an event.

Please note, you must be listed as staff for the event to have access to the Manage tools. If you aren't, please ask the TD or other staff to make edits, or contact us at and let us know how we can help. 

Need more help or want assistance from fellow tournament directors? Check out our Community Forum here!