Use the Courses tab of the UDisc app to locate courses in your area, in the city where your next vacation is planned, or along the route of your next road trip! With over 14,000 courses in the directory, you are sure to find a course near you.

So, how can you make the best use of the UDisc Course Directory? Check out a few tips below!

Utilize the filters

Do you only want to see courses you've played in the past? Or want to narrow your search to courses with a certain number of baskets? With version 18.3.0+ of the app you can utilize filters to do just this and more! Tap the filters icon in the top left or swipe left to right on the top filters bar to sort or filter by the following:

  • Distance

  • Course sort by Recommended, Closest, and Highest Rated

  • Course Difficulty

  • Courses with the best… (what is this?)

  • Number of holes

  • Course rating

  • Played, unplayed, and wishlisted

  • Cost

  • Services

Course filters are set to a distance of 25 miles, and recommended sort to give you a starting place. If these settings aren’t showing the results you’d like, try adjusting your filters!

Use the Search bar

When using the search bar you can either search for a course by name or search for a specific city. If searching by location, you can adjust the distance radius by tapping the location icon in the top left. The distance filter allows you to filter by 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 miles, and anywhere. The default sort is set to 25 miles and recommended courses.

View Preferences

Are there some courses you’d never like to see populate? Tap the filters button in the top left and scroll down to View preferences to hide the view of a few different course types, course images, and course images in the course directory. Any changes to the settings in this section will save to your device, meaning when you close the app these settings will be saved for you!


Want to get even more out of the Course Directory? By subscribing to UDisc Pro you can unlock Real-Time Course Traffic! Instead of getting stuck behind crowds or accidentally running into the doubles league you didn't know about, you can plan your next trip to the course and get the green light to start carding birdies.

As always, for more assistance, feel free to reach out to

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