At UDisc, Include Everyone is one of our core values! We believe that all people, no matter who you are or where you are from, you should have the opportunity to access and play disc golf. Responsibly growing and sustaining the sport is always a key focus.

As a UDisc Pro subscriber, you are a major part of that. 1% of every UDisc Pro membership is infused back into the sport through donations to charitable causes aimed at expanding disc golf's reach. That means that you, as a player and subscriber, have a direct impact on the trajectory of the sport. 

What are some of those causes?


We partner with Uplay to introduce young people to disc golf during P.E. classes or after-school programs. Every place Uplay visits receives 30 disc golf starter packs (sets of three discs) and two baskets, and each child gets a disc to take home. The services and equipment are funded entirely by Uplay donors and cost the institutions nothing.

Paul McBeth Foundation

UDisc has teamed up with the Paul McBeth Foundation to help bring disc golf to U.S. indigenous communities. The project aims to build two nine-hole disc golf courses for the Suquamish Tribe in Washington state and the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

International Course Cleanup Weekend

Collaborating with Jesse from Trash Panda, we worked to get people throughout the disc golf community out there cleaning up their courses. In addition to countless disc golfers collecting a bag of trash during their weekend round, there were 163 official cleanup events hosted in 12 different countries!

Women's Clinics

UDisc worked with Holyn Handley, Ella Hansen, and Jesse from Trash Panda to put on free women's clinics at various DGPT tour stops throughout the United States. Check out these stories about some of the ways women throughout the world have found disc golf.  

Your subscription also helps UDisc to devote resources to data driven initiatives like the Disc Golf Growth Report, which is instrumental in helping people to make the case for more disc golf in their area. 

This is all part of UDisc's commitment to community, and as a part of that community, we want to thank you! We're helping disc golf thrive - together! 

If you want to continue supporting the sport, an easy way to do that is with a UDisc Pro membership. Subscribe below to continue playing a direct role in the future of disc golf!

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