You just played a hot round at your home course, but your score is nowhere to be found on the layout's Leaderboard? Here are a few things to check!

1. UDisc Pro is required to participate in local and global Leaderboards. Verify that you are currently subscribed to UDisc Pro!

2. Open the app and go to the Profile tab, verify that you are currently logged in to the correct UDisc account. 

3. Navigate to More -> Advanced Settings and verify that Show on leaderboards is toggled on.

4. In More -> Players, make sure that you don't have multiple players listed for yourself. (If you accidentally scored for a player local to your device instead of your account, that score won't appear properly.)

Please note, a change was made to the leaderboards recently and duplicate scores were removed. This means that only your best score for the layout and timeframe selected will appear. 

If you are still having troubles, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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