What are Pools?

A pool is a group of divisions that will play the same layout at the same course during each round. They can be used to group smaller divisions together to simplify course/tee assignments.

Enabling and setting up Pools

After your event has been approved, head to the Divisions & Pools tab to "Enable multi-pool" and select Yes to begin set up. 

Pool A is automatically enabled for you. To add additional pools, select + Add pool. If an additional pool is not selected, "Enable multi-pool" will revert to No. 

Creating Rounds for each Pool

Once you've created pools, you'll need to create a round for each pool. 

Once a Round is published, can I edit Pools?

Publishing a round should be the final step in your set-up process. Once published, you can't move divisions to or from a pool. 

What if I move a player to another Division or Pool after cards have been generated?

Once cards have been generated but not published, you are able to move players to and from divisions. If moving a player to a division that is in a different pool, this player will then be unassigned (not assigned to a card). You can then manually place this player on a card, or can regenerate cards in the Cards tab.

If you have already generated cards, published a round, or the round is in progress, the player will be unassigned and need to be moved on to a card manually via the Leaderboard tab.

Once a player has started their round (has a score entered), they can't be moved to another division or pool. 

*Need more help or want assistance from fellow tournament directors? Check out our Community Forum here or feel free to contact us at help@udisc.com.