What are updates?

Have you wanted a way to communicate updates to players through your UDisc Event? Now you can! The Updates tab, listed under Communications in your Event Tools, is a space where event updates and announcements can be listed directly on the event and emailed to players. 

How do I add an update?

To get started, tap the Updates tab and then tap + Add update.


A New Update screen will populate that gives you the options to add a Title and Body. Both are required to post an update. If you decide to send this update as an email as well, the Title will be the subject line of your email.

Once you're ready to post, tap Post Update and you'll see two options: Post update only and Post update and send email to all participants

Can I edit my update?

All updates will display internally on your Updates tab. To edit, share, or delete an update click on the 3 stacked dots.

*Please note, once an email is sent to participants there is no way to retract or edit this email.

Where are my updates posted?

All updates are posted publicly on the Updates tab. This tab is visible not only to players, but to anyone that finds this event. The update will display the name of Event admin that posted it, the title, and full description. If multiple updates are added, the most recent update will populate first. If no updates are posted, the Updates tab will not appear on your event.

Emails that are sent to participants will display the update and a link to the update on the Event page. These emails will be sent from events@udisc.com. If you would like participants to contact you in response to an update, please include your email(s) or best way to contact you within the update.

Need more help or want assistance from fellow tournament directors? Check out our Community Forum here or feel free to contact us at help@udisc.com.