What is the new Awards filter in the directory?

In 2020, UDisc first began using course ratings to identify and honor the world’s best disc golf courses over on our blog. That has since been expanded from the top 100 courses in the world to also include top courses in each U.S. state, each country, and each Canadian province. With this new Awards filter we've made it possible to filter for the very best of the best in your state, province, country, and the world! Each of the honored courses is marked with a badge indicating which award they've earned, making them easier to identify. Additionally, when looking at the details of a course, all awards the course has earned will be shown in the new Awards section. You may be surprised to find an award winning course not too far from where you live!

  • How are these courses chosen?

Great question! UDisc's data scientists worked to create a methodology that applies more weight to recent ratings and helps identify which courses with excellent but relatively few ratings are true destinations rather than just local faves. We've also worked to enhance the 2024 ranking system so it accounts for the wide range of experience behind disc golfers' course ratings. Notably, due to this methodology, some courses that have higher average ratings in the UDisc Course Directory may be ranked below courses with lower average ratings. You can learn more about the rankings for each of these lists on the blog.

  • I used one of the filters and courses are missing, why?

This can happen if you have other filters applied, and the courses with an award don't match the filters or view preferences that you have chosen. Try adjusting these, and if courses are still missing, please reach out to us at help@udisc.com. 

What does ‘Recommended’ mean?

In a nutshell, this sort takes into account a course’s rating and the course’s distance from you. A course that is highly rated and close to you will populate higher on the list. Courses that have lower ratings, for example a 3-star rating, will populate lower on the list even if you are close to the course ensuring that you’ll see higher rated courses first.

How is “best” defined when selecting categories?

When selecting Best as a filter, you’ll have the option to choose between courses with the best…

  • Scenery / views

  • Upkeep

  • Shot variety / design

  • Tee areas

  • Signage / wayfinding

  • Amenities

Courses that populate have been rated at least 4 stars within the selected category. For example, if you chose Scenery / views because you’re a sucker for courses with endless beauty the returned courses would all have an average rating of at least 4 stars for this category. If you selected both Scenery / views and Tee areas the returned courses would be rated at least 4 stars in both categories.

Not loving this? Try using the Closest sort instead!

How can I wishlist a course on the web?

Planning a road trip, or fantasizing about the next course you’ll play while at work? You can now wishlist a course from the web! To wishlist a course, tap the Add to wishlist button in the top right of the course detail page. Tap the dropdown to also Mark as played.

Now that you’ve added a course to your wishlist, you’ll likely want to fantasize some more while browsing the Course Directory! By visiting udisc.com/courses you can use the filter options in the top left to filter by your Wishlisted courses. Once filtered, tap search and drag the map to view all courses on your wishlist.

What is the difference between Course filters and View preferences? 

At the bottom of the filter screen there is a box for View preferences. Here you can choose to hide certain kinds of courses, stores, or course images when looking at the list. Please note that view preferences remain, even when you clear selected filters. If a course seems to be missing from the directory, try clearing your filters and adjusting your view preferences.*  

*Please note, courses that are marked as Special Events and are currently unavailable, or marked as Invite Only will not appear in the directory. In order to locate them, they will need to be searched for by exact name. 

Still have a few more questions? Reach out to us at help@udisc.com.

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