What does global average hole score mean?

When viewing the Hole Score Breakdown section you might notice the global average column that displays a global average for each hole. The global average is the result of a distribution of scores resulting from simulating 1,000 random players playing that hole.

Why isn’t it just the actual average of players’ scores at the course?

Utilizing a simulation of 1,000 random players (weighted by how often they play) helps correct for course selection bias. A course that attracts more advanced players may have lower historical scores than a course that attracts mostly beginners, even if the two courses are actually similar in difficulty. Simulating results creates a constant baseline so that course difficulty is accurately represented, regardless of who decides to play.

How can I get a global average hole score for a new hole at my course?

Similar to layout difficulty classifications and round ratings, this takes time and more unique players playing this hole! The global average will be updated when there is enough data for the system to be confident in its estimates. All that’s needed from you is to make sure your mapping is accurate, and patience as people play the course with the newly installed hole!

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