Do you want UDisc to track your steps and activity while you're out on the course? Follow the steps below to give UDisc permission to access your physical activity. 

For iOS:

  1. Open your device settings

  2. Tap on UDisc

  3. Toggle 'On' Motion & Fitness

For Android:

  1. Make sure you have Google Fit installed and that you are signed in to your account

  2. Turn on 'Activity Tracking' in the Google Fit app

    • Open Google Fit

    • Tap on Profile

    • Tap Settings icon at the top of the screen

    • Toggle on Track your activities

  3. Open UDisc App info

  4. Tap Permissions -> Physical Activity

  5. Select 'Allow'

Please note: Your device must be on your person to track your steps. If you leave your phone in a bag or on a cart, it will not provide an accurate step count. 

What if your card-mate kept score? As long as you have enabled activity tracking, and you carried your device on your person, you will see your own step count on your scorecard, rather than the activity of the player keeping score. 

If you don't have activity tracking enabled or you don't carry your device with you (0 steps are recorded), then the step count of the score keeping player will be reflected. 

If another player kept score, you must open the UDisc app on your device and be logged in within a specific timeframe (Android - 30 days / iPhone - 7 days) in order for your personal step count to be recorded on your scorecard. 

Step counts do not update in real time, if watching your activity metrics during a round, there will be a delay.

If you need further assistance please contact

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