The Photos tab of your Course Tools is a great place to make your course shine!

Cover Photos

Cover photos are the first photos that will appear on your course listing. As Course Ambassador, you have the ability to select 5 cover photos. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Uncategorized section.

  2. Tap a photo you’d like to make a cover photo.

  3. In the sidebar that populates, tap the dropdown and select “Cover Photo _” with options of 1-5.

  4. Tap Save.

Once saved, this photo will then populate at the top of the screen under Cover Photos. Choose wisely! “Cover Photo 1” will be shown alongside your listing in the Course Directory.

How do I associate a photo with a specific hole?

Associating a photo with the correct hole can help organize photos and give players a more seamless view of how the course plays. After selecting a photo, you’ll see the Hole dropdown menu and can select the appropriate hole.

Once a hole is selected, photos will display above Uncategorized and populate in order by hole. Uncategorized photos will remain in the uncategorized section.

Deleting Photos and Editing Captions

If your course has received a massive redesign or a photo wasn’t submitted with a caption, you have the ability delete a photo entirely or edit the caption! To get started tap into a photo and view the sidebar that populates on the right side. Here you’ll see the options to add or edit the Caption or tap Delete.

Make sure to tap Save after editing or adding a caption!

Star or flag a photo

Both options are available within the app, but because you’re extra special you have this ability in Course Tools as well! When tapping on a photo and the sidebar will populates, and you’ll see a flag and star icon.

Tapping the flag means you’d like to report the photo, typically due to inappropriate content. Reported photos are sent to the UDisc team for review.

See a photo that makes you fall in love with your course all over again? ? Give it a star! Starred photos carry heavier weight and are placed higher in the order of Uncategorized photos.

*Please note: Currently it isn’t possible to upload photos from Course Tools; all photos must be submitted from the UDisc App.

If you need any further assistance, please contact

For help from fellow ambassadors, take a look at our Community Forum here.