Whether you’re running a UDisc Event or League, you’re likely handling payouts and maybe bag tags too! From your Event tools, you can now enter payout amounts and bag tag numbers for singles events that will display on the event leaderboard for players to see.

*If you have not enabled bag tags for your event, make sure to do this from the Details tab -> Optional extras -> Bag tags.

Follow the steps below to start adding these details:

  1. Head to your Leaderboard either from your League tools or Event tools. Once in Event tools tap Leaderboard on the sidebar.

  2. Tap the Actions dropdown in the top left, and select Edit player values. 

  3. Once on the Edit player values page, you’ll see all players that have finished the round or event. If a player does not have a green flag this means there round has not been verified. 

  4. In the right columns, you’ll notice a payout and bag tagfield. Enter the amount for both here!
    *Please note - the bag tag field is a way to publicly display which bag tags have been given out/awarded for the specific event you are editing. Bag tag numbers entered here will not be saved for future events.

  5. Once all values have been entered, tap Save at the bottom right of the page. All payouts and bag tag values entered will then display on the public Leaderboard for the event!

Please note - this option is currently only available for singles events.

Want more assistance or tips from your fellow tournament directors? Check out our Community Forum here!

As always, never hesitate to contact us at help@udisc.com for any further help!