A course layout is a unique combination of tees and baskets. Any course in UDisc's directory can have multiple layouts, and these layouts can be set as active or inactive to reflect the current pin positions. 

A list of layouts. Tap one to update.

Follow these steps to create or update a course layout.

  1. Navigate to the course in the Courses tab.

  2. On the course's page, scroll down and select Update Layouts.

  3. Tap Add New Public Layout to create a new layout, or select an existing layout from the list to update it. 

When creating a new layout, you are prompted to add the layout details, hole names, and pars. You can then add a map once the layout is approved. 

When updating a layout, you are shown three options: Update Details, Update Hole Names/Pars, and Update Map.

The three options when updating a layout.

Note that if you are creating a new layout, you are prompted to enter the details, hole names, and pars. After the layout is approved, you can then update it to add a map.

Update Details

In the Update Details section, you can change basic information about the layout:

  • Layout Name - The name, e.g. "Main", "Short Tees", or "24 Holes".

  • Layout Status - Any layout which is currently not in place should be marked Inactive. This hides it from players creating new scorecards.

  • Skill Level / Difficulty - Tap a difficulty to see a description of what it means. Red is the easiest and Gold the most difficult.

  • Description - A place to add details about the layout. Anything that might help players navigate the layout or choose whether to play should be added here. 

The edit details page for Idlewild's difficult DGPT Layout

Update Hole Names / Pars

This is where you can adjust the par for any given hole and change the hole number or name. This is needed for courses where there are extra holes inserted in the regular layout. You will typically see these labelled like so: 1, 1a, 1b, 2, 2a, etc. Check out our blog post on course pars for a bit more information.

Updating hole names and pars is an intuitive process.

Update Map

Using UDisc's map editor is intuitive. It can be done directly from a scorecard, or from the dedicated map editor access from any layout's page. Check out our dedicated article on mapping layouts to learn more about how to use this tool.


For information on the approval process, take a look here: Approval - How long will it take?