UDisc allows you to measure one or more throws from a single starting location. Each throw is saved in the app, including information about the disc, making it easy to follow your progress and compare discs. Before you get started measuring, you might want to first enter in the details for each disc you want to throw.

Measuring a throw

The most important thing when measuring a throw is to rely on the satellite map. The blue dot represents the exact point UDisc will measure from, while the halo surrounding it represents the margin of error. The blue dot is the only thing that matters. If you can see that it is correct, the measurement will be correct. The easiest way to do this is to line up the blue dot with a landmark such as a tee pad or tree on the map.

Despite the halo estimating accuracy at ± 39 ft, I know my measurement will be correct because the blue dot is exactly where I'm standing.

To start measuring, navigate to More > Measure Throw, and give UDisc a little time to home in on your location. If you are having trouble getting an accurate reading, take a look at our article on improving your phone's GPS accuracy. Again, if you see that the blue dot is exactly where you are standing, you will get a very accurate measurement.

If you wait a while, this number should improve.

You can start throwing discs while UDisc is improving your location, but make sure to leave your phone unlocked while doing this. UDisc only uses GPS while the phone is unlocked in order to conserve battery power. By the time you have thrown your discs, it should have a good read on your location.

Once you're satisfied with your location, press Set Start and walk to your disc, then press Set End to mark the distance. You will be prompted to select the disc you threw, or you can select Add New Disc if you have not yet entered its details.

After selecting the disc you threw, you can enter your throw type (Backhand, Forehand, Overhand, Backhand Roller, or Forehand Roller). After saving, you can sort your measured throws by throw type. 

If you threw multiple discs from the same starting location, just select Next Disc to continue measuring. Otherwise, select Save to store your throws in the app.

Viewing and Sharing Throws

The Throws menu allows you to look at a list of all your recorded throws. You can sort this menu by date, distance, and disc. Additionally, if you select a disc in the Discs menu, you can see a list of all throws with that disc.

If you have a great throw, navigate to Leaderboards to see how it compares to other UDisc users. You can look at the longest throws for the day, week, or longer. Switch to Friends Only to see if you have any bragging rights within your local group, and share your throw to prove it. Don't forget to tag your posts with #udisc and #udiscapp!

Once you tap Share Throw, UDisc will create an image like the one below, which is in a friendlier format for sharing.