To create a new map for a layout in UDisc, first navigate to the course's page in the Courses tab. Then, scroll to the layout you want to create a map for, select it, and tap Edit in the upper-right corner. You can also select Update Map when editing any layout, as explained in our article on layouts.

You can also create a new map directly from a scorecard. If you tap the map icon and it says Create Map, this is an indicator that no one has mapped the current layout. It's easy and fast to do this during a round without even exiting the scorecard! 

Create Map indicates that no one has mapped this layout yet

When you tap Create Map, you are brought to the map editor, where you can position the teepad and the basket, as well as any doglegs in the fairway.

Using the map editor

The best way to create or update a map is to walk the course, using the GPS on your phone to accurately place tees, baskets and doglegs. 

In the map editor, use the arrows at the bottom to scroll to the hole you wish to edit. You can also tap a basket to jump to that hole. When you are ready to edit a hole, tap Edit in the upper-right corner. If done correctly, you will see an orange box labelled Finish Hole. This indicates that you are editing the hole.

To move a basket, just tap and hold on it while editing a hole. You can drag and drop it where it belongs.

To move a teepad, tap and hold the arrow above the teepad. If you don't see the arrow, make sure you are in edit mode!

To add a dogleg, tap and hold in the middle of the fairway (the gray line). A dogleg will be created, and you can tap and drag its arrow in the same way as you would the teepad. Again, if this doesn't appear to be working, make sure you are actively editing the hole. For additional details on course maps, see our article on the subject: Course Maps

To delete a dogleg, just tap the dogleg so its context menu pops up, and select the delete option.

Creating a hole map is as easy as dragging and dropping the teepad and basket locations

If you are mapping from a scorecard, when have mapped the final hole, you will see an option to Review Map. Touch this and you will be taken to the full layout page, where you can submit your layout for review. The review process is usually very quick. You can read more about it here.

If using the full map editor, you will just tap "Finish Map" to submit changes. 

Reviewing the map is the final step


For information on the approval process, take a look here: Approval - How long will it take?