UDisc Leagues is a powerful way to collect and manage live scores for disc golf events. If you're a league director, this will save you hours each time you run a league. There's no more need to use paper scorecards, total up scores by hand, or figure out which hole that the last group is on. 

Here, we'll outline everything you need to get started. 


Apply for a UDisc League at udisc.com/leagues/apply! All applications will be reviewed by the UDisc Team and eligible leagues will be contacted by email when they are accepted. Note: if you are running your league on more than one course, just pick one of them as the main course. You will be able to select the course for each event.

Please submit a thorough application for your best chance to be accepted. Common reasons for leagues being rejected are included here. 


Set Up Your League

Check out this dedicated article on setting up your league.

Use the General tab to enter important information about your league. If your league uses divisions, you can set the default divisions here as well. Make sure you are thorough so that potential league players can find the information they need.

Create Your First Event

Click the + Create event shortcut or Events -> + Create new event button to create your first event. Choose between a "standard" or "custom" event! League participants will be able to find your league inside the UDisc app on the "Events" tab. 

It's a good idea to create each of your league events a few weeks in advance. Many disc golfers use the Events tab in the UDisc app to find competitive disc golf, and we want to help you grow your league. If you're running a weekly league, you can select Single Day Recurring Event to automatically set up a league event on the same day of each week (until the end of the league season).

Your weekly events will become active at midnight on the day of your event, and will automatically complete at 8pm local time on the day after the event is over. You can also complete the event yourself by tapping the Leaderboard button in your league tools, then Complete event in the top right. Only do this when all players have finished the league event. Once your event is complete, you can add payout details and bag tag numbers as needed via the Leaderboard tab.

League events played in Singles format will include the option of including results in participating players' UDisc profile statistics, if they have this setting enabled. Scorecard statistics are automatically disabled for Teams events. More about league play format here.

Playing at a different course this week? Tap the Change course or button.

If there is any information you'd like players to see inside the scorecard while they play, make sure you enter a Scorecard Message for the event. This is useful for disseminating special rules like "Mando is in play on hole 3", or reminding your league players what the CTP hole is for the week.

If you'd like others to be able to manage your event, you can add staff from the Members tab. Here you can also tap to add new players, as well as fix a player's name as it displays in the league.

Let players know your league is on UDisc

Once you've created your first event, league participants will be able to discover it on the Events tab in the UDisc app. Players can use the filter options in the events tab to sort by When or Where an event is taking place. It's also possible to find leagues by searching for a name or location. On the web, all UDisc Leagues are searchable at https://udisc.com/events?quickFilter=league.

Alternatively, use the Quick link if you're reminding players of your event on social media or other internal channels. Tap into the Events tab of your League tools, then select View/share event quick link.

Check In And Keep Score

UDisc Leagues come with live scoring. This means that everyone on the card can open the app and enter scores, and everyone will see the changes in real-time. This makes it easy to hand off the card after a few holes, and ensures that everyone can check scores via the leaderboard as the round progresses.

All league members need a UDisc account (it's FREE!). If a player doesn't have their phone or doesn't use UDisc, another person can check them into the league. The free version of UDisc works great for managing and participating in UDisc Leagues. Only an email is required to create an account; new members can sign up for free at udisc.com/sign-up.A UDisc Pro subscription is not required. 

Instruct your league members to find the league in the UDisc app, under the Events tab. Have them search for the name of the league and tap the Check In button to check into the event. If using divisions, they will select a division at this time. Don't worry, divisions can be changed later if needed.

It is important that all players enter a real first and last name during the check-in. Otherwise, it will be difficult to tell who is who on the leaderboard. Via the Members tab, league admins can change the name of their league's participants.

Once all players in a group are checked in, scorecards can be created by tapping the + Start round button. If the card grouping changes after the round is created, then a player on the card should open the scorecard menu to access the Add / Remove Players functionality.

Make sure only one player per group creates the round. Once created, everyone in the group will get a notification so they can also keep score, and/or follow along on their own phone.

Check In For Someone Else

If a player forgets their smartphone, it's easy for anyone else to check them in. Start by tapping the Players button on the league event, then use the search and filters options to find a player.

If the person you want to check in isn't listed, tap + Add player and search for them by UDisc username, email, or PDGA number OR tap People I've played with to pull a list of people you play with outside of league. If they do not have a UDisc account, one can be created for free at https://udisc.com/sign-up. This will set up a free account (don't worry, there's no automatic charges; the free account is truly free).

Reach out to checked-in players with a push notification

UDisc Leagues now allows any league administrator to send a push notification with urgent information, which will reach all players who have already checked into the league event. Use this functionality for cancellations, safety warnings, or just to let everyone know about the CTP that you may have forgotten to mention before the groups started to play.

From the app, tap Manage event and select Send urgent push notification. From here you can select the group you want to send to, the type of message (e.g., info, warning, cancelled), and type the message you'd like to send. More info about this here!

View Live Scores

UDisc Leagues brings live scoring and real-time leaderboards to your event. You can view the current leaderboard by tapping the Leaderboard button in the scorecard, or by opening the Events tab in UDisc and tapping View Leaderboard.

You can change the league name, and continue using the same league to create new events every season. You may change the league webpage's URL if you'd like. *Please note - league changes come to the UDisc team for approval. Please allow 24-48 hours for approval time. 


You can enable league standings via the Standings tab in your league admin tools. Select the window of time during which league event performance will count towards standings, how many of each player's best rounds are kept (and the rest dropped), and which percentage of the field will receive standings points in each division. Players who don't make the points depth cut will still receive one standings point just for finishing the round. League standings results will be publicly visible on the league page, if enabled.

More about standings here!

*Please note - standings are only available singles events, not teams.


This is just the beginning of UDisc Leagues. The UDisc team is dedicated to adding more scoring formats and solutions to make running disc golf leagues easier than ever before.

Make sure to visit the leagues folder that houses many other league articles. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via help@udisc.com and we'll be happy to assist.

Need more help or want assistance from fellow league admins? Check out our Community Forum here!