Go to the Rounds tab, select your course and layout, and then tap on all players who will be on the scorecard. If you need to add someone new, then tap the Add Player button at the bottom or the players list or the icon in the upper-right. Hit Confirm Players once you have everyone you'd like to include on the scorecard.

Under Play Format, you will see Singles and Teams options - tap on Teams to play doubles, triples, quadruples, 3v1, etc! Next select your Number of Teams by tapping on the + button (to increase the number of different teams), or the - button (to decrease the number of different teams). We will automatically assign each team a Team number which you can see on the left. 

After you've created the scorecard, you will no longer be able to Update Players. Your team's stats will be kept together as a team; any stats that you save as part of a Teams scorecard will not impact your individual player statistics. Teams play won't show on course leaderboards.

Please take a look at this related support article for more information on Adding Friends to UDisc.