Open your Course Tools and select the Quick Targets tool from the menu. Use the dropdown menu associated with each hole to select which position each target is currently in, then scroll to the bottom and click SUBMIT

Once your new pin positions are approved, they will be viewable and playable in the UDisc app. The UDisc team manually reviews course and layout changes each day, so you can typically expect any changes to be reviewed within about 24 hours of submitting the edits.

If your smart layouts are not set up correctly, and you deactivate a pin position, it could cause an entire layout to become inactive. For example, if you use Quick Targets to change Hole 3's target from the A position to the B position, any layouts that have Hole 3 in the A position will become inactive. You can learn more about setting up your smart layouts correctly in this dedicated article.

An Active target position means that a basket is currently installed and playable in that position. If a target is no longer available to play, it should be changed to Inactive.