Smart layouts automatically sync up with your Map Manager. This means that any fairway you wish to play on a Smart Layout must first be mapped in your Map Manager. For more details on the benefits of Smart Layouts, check out this dedicated article. 

Once your Map Manager is complete, you can set up your Smart Layouts. This can be done from the Layouts tab of your course tools. After clicking "New Smart Layout" you will start by filling out the layout Name, details, and general Notes such as OB rules for the layout. Here you can also indicate if the layout is temporary.

After filling out this information, scroll down and complete the layout by entering the hole information. You can use the box at the top to enter the tee and target information for all holes, and click "Apply to all holes." Or, you can enter the tee and target information for each individual hole.

If there are no available options here, it is likely your Map Manager setup is not yet complete. You can learn more about setting up your Map Manager here.

It is suggested to use the tee positions rather than the tee types here. For example, if each hole has 2 tee pads, but they are both the same "type", like concrete, choosing tee type here, won't allow the smart layout to differentiate between the tees. However, if those positions are "A" and "B," choosing "position" here will tell the smart layout which tee pad to use. 

The exact opposite is true for targets. The suggested practice is to use target type rather than target position. This allows your smart layout to remain active and accurate, even when your baskets move. For example, if each hole has only 1 physical basket, but multiple basket positions, and you choose to use target "position", then anytime that target moves to a new position, your layout will become inaccurate and deactivate. However, if you choose your target based on "type", anytime that target moves positions, the smart layout will automatically update to the new position, and your layout will remain playable and active.

Learn more about tee and target types and positions in this dedicated article.

Smart Layouts also allow you to play any number of holes in any order, without having to re-map everything for a new layout. Use the "Add Hole" option to get your layout to the number of holes you desire, and then use the "Base Hole" to set the fairways you wish to play. 

For example, if you have 9 holes on your map manager, each with 2 tee positions, you can easily create a smart layout to play this as 18 holes. After adding holes to get to 18, you can set holes 1 through 9 to play "Base Holes" 1 through 9 from tee position "A" to your target type. Then set holes 10 through 18 to also play "Base Holes" 1 through 9, but this time from tee position "B" to your target type

You can update the map of a Smart Layout from the UDisc app, and this allows you to reposition tees and targets. This is a great option for fine-tuning the locations using GPS while on the course. 

***Please be aware that moving the tees and targets of a Smart Layout, will move them on the Map Manager, therefore changing ALL Smart Layouts that play those same paths. Please only use this option for fine-tuning locations, and not for making major changes. If major map changes are needed, do so using the Map Manager tab of your course tools.

If you have any questions, or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to 

For help from fellow ambassadors, take a look at our Community Forum here.