You've successfully applied for a League and have been approved, now what? To access your League Tools head to or in the app tap More -> Dashboard -> and tap your League name. League tools allow you access to create events, manage scoring, update League details and settings, manage League members, and manage standings. 

League Dashboard

The League Dashboard tab is a great space to ensure you've completed all set up steps to make your league shine! Check off steps as you complete them and you'll notice the League setup space disappear.

You can also use Quick navigation to Create an event, view All events, and view Members.

Complete your default league settings

In the General tab you can update details such as: League Name, URL, Main Course, Public Email Contact, Headline, Description, Play Format, Start Format, and update "How many times can players re-enter the event (aka rebuys)," and add Optional extras.

We recommend making sure all details are filled in before scheduling any events, as this can help players better understand what to expect of your League and will set you up for success as you start to create events. A League name, URL, Main course, Public Email for League, Headline and Description are all required to start creating events.

Once changes are made, make sure to tap "Save League" at the bottom of the page.

General event settings

In this space you can make changes to your default event settings. Settings here will apply to all league events you create, though they can be changed within each event. 

Learn more about "How many times can players re-enter the event? (aka rebuys)" here.

Add optional extras

This section allows you to add tags to your events to help players find league events based on a certain type. The optional extras selected on this page will be the default tags set on each event, but can be changed for each event.

Tapping Yes next to an optional extra populates an Additional details field that allows you to add details players might be interested to know when finding your league. 

Any selections you make here will display on the public page of your league, and can help players find your league when filtering by Event tag in the app.

Enable Standings

Not sure what Standings are? Check out this article to learn more. Prior to creating events, it's best to enable standings if you think you'd like to use them for your League. If you decide not to enable Standings to start, you can always enable them later.

Create your first event!

Once you've completed your initial league set up, it's time to create your first event! Head to this article to get started.

For any other questions or concerns, reach out to us at

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