You've added a new disc golf course to the UDisc Directory, and now you're ready to map it. We're here to help you understand how to do so using the Map Manager tool!

What is Map Manager?

You'll use Map Manager to enter all tee and target positions on your course. Once you've placed every tee, target, and fairway in Map Manager, unless a brand new tee is poured, or a new sleeve is installed for a new basket location, you shouldn't ever have to re-map anything for your course. Gone are the days of needing to walk and map your course every time you move baskets.

Map Manager is NOT simply a layout map. Think of Map Manager as the authoritative list of all the tees and targets on the property. The information you've entered in Map Manager will be used to create all your Smart Layouts on the Layouts tab of your course tools when you are ready. These Smart Layouts will automatically sync to the mapped elements on the Map Manager, and you will not need to map each layout as you create them.

Step 1: Watch the videos and complete the walkthrough!

Take the time to watch the tutorials and read through the available help articles. Having a clear understanding before you get started will help immensely as you complete the process.

When completing the walkthrough, you will need your course information handy, either with photos of tee signs or the info board, or simply by remembering the labeling scheme and tee/basket types. 

First you will indicate if your course is simple (one tee and one target per hole), or complex (multiple tees and/or targets per hole). Then you will enter the tee types used (the materials), the available tee positions (labels), the target types (manufacturer), and the available target positions (or sleeves).

Please note the hole count on your course should represent the number of installed targets on the course.

Step 2: Add your elements!

Once you have completed the walkthrough, you will be able to get started creating your map. Using the buttons in the upper right corner of the map, you will add your tee and target positions for each hole. When doing so, be sure that each position is assigned to a hole number, a position name, and a type, and that it's status is set correctly (active vs. inactive).

Step 3: Double check your setup!

Once you have completed your map, do a quick run through to make sure everything looks correct. Make sure there are no red dots on the map or on any hole number, and make sure the holes need review is not showing in the top left corner. 

Step 4: Review and submit your changes, and wait for approval!

Once you have verified that everything looks correct, be sure to review and submit your changes in the top right corner. Once you have done so, please note that the UDisc team will need to approve the initial setup. Approvals can take up to 24-48 hours, though we always try to get them done sooner than this when we can.

Step 5: Move on to setting up your smart layouts!

You can learn more about doing that here!

If you need any further assistance, please contact

For help from fellow ambassadors, take a look at our Community Forum here.