What are the course difficulty levels on UDisc?

There are 4 levels of course difficulty: easy, moderate, challenging, and very challenging. Each level has a corresponding symbol.

How are the difficulty levels defined?

Each layout on UDisc will be placed into a bucket based on distance and technicality. Once a layout's distance and technicality are determined, they are run through the following matrix to give them a corresponding overall difficulty classification.

How is a course's distance classified?

Distance is derived from a layout's average hole length. Par is not considered.

  • Very Short: Less than 180 feet (55 meters)

  • Short: 180-247 feet (55-75 meters)

  • Mid-Length: 247-310 feet (75-95 meters)

  • Long: 310-394 feet (95-120 meters)

  • Very Long: Greater than 394 feet (120 meters)

How is technicality defined?

Technicality is based on scoring results compared to hole distance. For a given hole, a regression model is consulted to determine whether that hole tends to score higher or lower than other holes of similar length; the higher the scoring trends at a given distance, the more technical the hole is considered to be. A layout’s overall technicality level is then the average technicality of its holes.

The regression model accounts for the fact that technicality can come from a variety of physical factors that impact scoring, including out-of-bounds, trees, water hazards, elevation change, and more.

What does "difficulty pending" mean?

If you see “difficulty pending”  on a layout, it means we need more scoring data on that layout to determine its difficulty.

Why don't my layouts have difficulty categories?

This could be for one of two reasons:

  • If it’s a Classic Layout, it needs to be converted to a Smart Layout.

  • If it’s a Smart Layout, it needs to be played more.

How do I upgrade to Smart Layouts?

Learn how to create or update Smart Layouts here.

Can I (the Course Ambassador) assign the difficulty on my course or layouts?

Difficulty is based on scoring with UDisc. Course Ambassadors do not set a course or layout’s difficulty.

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