Smart Layouts are a new type of layout that leverages Map Manager to allow for easier adjustment of pin positions and consistency between layouts. 

Smart Layouts draw from Map Manager, so any layouts that use the same path in Map Manager will be the same distance, shape, and most importantly, won't have to be re-mapped every time a new layout is made. 

Hole 3 in the A position will always be the same distance across all layouts that it appears in, and will show statistics accordingly. Previously even if a hole had the same pin position, but was in a different layout, it was treated as a different hole. Now, thanks to Smart Layouts, they are treated the same. 

Smart Layouts allow you to build dynamic layouts with any combination of holes without having to remap existing holes. You must update the basket positions using Quick Targets for the Smart Layouts to reflect those changes. Active layouts will be listed in the UDisc app. 

Check out this quick video tutorial on how to make the most of Smart Layouts in UDisc.

To add a new Smart Layout, you can use the 'Layouts' section within Course Tools. If you're making a new Smart Layout, you can click 'New Smart Layout' and then fill out the Name, Description, and difficulty level fields. Once you get to the 'Holes' section you can use the fields to fill in the Tees and Targets if they are the same for most holes.